Prefabricated timber frame houses that significantly reduce construction time and costs. The construction of a private house can also be carried out from any building materials chosen by the customer. We invite you to contact us to receive advice on the most suitable solution for your wishes.
Technical description of the wooden frame set built by SIA "Māja Tev":
  • All timber components are made from conifers
  • All wooden parts are industrially dried with grading according to the C16/C24 standard

Outer wall insulation thickness 250mm:

  • Impregnated brickwork 150mmx45mm, to be mounted on foundations
  • External wall elements consisting of a diffusion film
  • Lamination 50mmx50mm
  • PAROC Extra 565mmx50mm
  • ISOPLAAT wood fiber anti-wind plates 2700x1200x12
  • Wooden frame 42×200, c/c600mm
  • Paroc Extra 565×200 mm
  • Vapor insulation 200 microns
  • Corrugated wiring (embedded in the structure)
  • KNAUF Blue (GKFI) plasterboard 120×2600

Roof construction:

  • Industrially produced wooden roof trusses c/c 900mm
  • JUTACON reinforced anti-condensate film
  • Wing and wind box structures

PVC Windows:

  • Salamander BluEnergy 82 mm
  • The number of cameras in the profile frame and sash – 6
  • Three rubber protection against wind and rain
  • Uf value of the frame = 1.1 W/m²K
  • The profile is only available with three glass packages

PVC door

  • Avantgarde 7000 – 70 mm profile installation depth
  • The number of cameras in the profile frame – 6, in the sash – 3
  • Two rubber protection against wind and rain
  • Uf value of the frame = 1.6 W/m²K
  • Ug value of double glazing = 1.1 W/m²K
  • Triple-glazed Ug value = 0.6 W/m²K
Rendering of wooden frame house structures

The price

The price starts from 950€ to 1000€ per square meter of floor. Price shown up to gray finish. The price is indicated without VAT.


Lot Size
71 m²
67 450 €


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